What’s in your cyber incident playbook? If you have one, are you following the most recent best practices to respond? Have you tested your response plan?

The ever-evolving cyber threat landscape requires organizations to be prepared to respond to a potential cyber incident at any time. The best way to limit the impact of any cyber incident is to have a cyber incident response plan at the ready to execute. How you build that incident response playbook as an organization and how prepared you are to put it into action determines how effective your response will be to a cyber incident.

Learn what you should include in your cyber incident response plan from our experts who have helped organizations create cyber incident response policies and playbooks, as well as assist them in responding to and remediating cyber incidents.

Even if you have a cyber incident response playbook already developed, it’s important to keep up on the best practices and latest information of what to include in your playbook, how to test it and learn from past incidents.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • What you need to include in your incident response playbook

  • Best practices for a cyber incident framework

  • Most important step of cyber incident response and building an effective policy

  • Lessons from past responses to cyber incidents

  • Testing and how to use your incident response plan

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