SecuLoreTM OverWatch

24/7/365 Cybersecurity Monitoring

It’s not a matter of if you will be targeted but when you will be impacted by a cyber attack. With SecuLore OverWatch, our Security Operations Center (SOC) team works in tandem with your IT operations to thwart cyber threats.

Reach out to speak with our cyber experts today to learn more about the importance of continuous network monitoring, and what OverWatch and how our team of experts can work together with you to protect your network.


Woman monitors network traffic and data systems.

Third-Party Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Complements Your Existing IT Resources

A Dedicated Team of Cyber Analysts
24/7/365 Cybersecurity Monitoring
Weekly Cybersecurity Reports
Custom Cybersecurity Alerts
Expert Assistance with Incident Response
No Maintenance or Replacement Fees



Between 2021 and 2023, 48% of critical infrastructure organizations had to deal with a cyber attack.

During that same timeframe, only 3% of SecuLore customers had to deal with a cyber attack.

Benefits of Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring

Discover Indicators of Compromise, early

Every cyber threat exhibits indicators of compromise, showing you they are present. Discovering these indicators early mitigates the damage a threat can do to your operations.

Detect Network Vulnerabilities

Quickly identify flaws and vulnerabilities in your network that require remediation.

Verify Your Firewall Configuration

Filter network traffic to systematically verify your firewall rules for in-depth analysis and review.

Cybersecurity Expertise at Your Fingertips

Your cyber analyst team is always at the ready to aid you. Their cybersecurity expertise will be consistently available to you and your organization.

Validate Critical Networks are Protected

Critical networks should be closed to the outside world. Validate that your critical networks are closed properly.

Capture & Save Suspicious Data

Notice something suspicious? Save data for in-depth forensic analysis with one click.