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SecuLore offers proven, value driven products to add to your catalog of cybersecurity offerings combined with industry leading, dedicated SOC team to ensure partner and customer success.

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Benefits of Partnering with SecuLore

Profit & Annual Recurring Revenue

As a SecuLore MSSP Partner, you sell the value and take a sizable profit; SecuLore does the rest. Plus, SecuLore’s cybersecurity solutions have a 90%+ customer retention rate.

Top-Notch MSSP Partner Support

SecuLore helps MSSP Partners reduce the complexity of managing multiple customers and enhances efficiency.

MSSP Partners can leverage the SecuLore Sales Support team and all marketing collateral, messaging and informational resources, including monthly SecuLore webinars.

Comprehensive Solution That Complements Traditional Offerings

Continuous cybersecurity monitoring covers your customers’ entire cyber attack surface.

The entire SecuLore team is US-based, with a 24x7x365 SOC.

SecuLore expands standard MSSP
security offerings with cybersecurity solutions that go beyond the standard
Defense in Depth layers.

SecuLore has Provided thought leadership to:


  • An innovator in public safety focused on cybersecurity

  • Passionate about protecting our nation’s public safety systems, state & local governments, education, healthcare, critical infrastructure & more!
  • Led by trusted experts in public safety technology and cyber warfare
  • Deployed in 29 states across the United States

Our partners:

  • Pursues sales excellence
  • Passionate about network security & data protection
  • Well-versed in cybersecurity & incident response
  • Experienced in selling cybersecurity solutions to market sectors in public safety, state and local government, education, healthcare and other critical market sectors

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