State and Local Government Cybersecurity

State and local governments are frequently targeted by cyber threat actors due to being data-rich and cyber-poor, which makes them high-value targets for ransomware attacks. Cyber attacks on state or local governments have wide-ranging impacts from data encryption, theft and DoS attacks that can hinder the abilities of several departments in governments to access the internet, files, or carry out day-to-day functions.

Lack of budget and resources, along with not having full visibility into networks, and storing personal data can make any cyber attack on a state or local government costly in terms of money and public reputation.

State and local governments need a partner that can help make cybersecurity an organizational priority and culture, and one that understands their budgets and budget cycles. SecuLore understands that people are the first line of defense when it comes to securing your network, which is why our cybersecurity solutions are designed to work with your IT teams and organization on network monitoring, cyber awareness training, incident response, vulnerability assessments, and remediation from attacks.


Cyber attacks tracked in the last 24 months against government organizations

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for State & Local Government Agencies

Network monitoring is essential for state and local governments as they are a top target for cyber attacks. Your government organization needs network monitoring with reports from a teammate you can trust to identify potential cyber threats and visibility into all networks and everything connected to it.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for State & Local Government Agencies

Find out where your network is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and breaches before cyber criminals do with vulnerability assessments. Get actionable remediation recommendations to secure your network.

Cyber Awareness Training

for State & Local Government Agencies

Cyber awareness training helps make sure your local or state government organization has a well-prepared first line of defense against cyber threats. Phishing and social engineering remain the top attack vectors of all cyber attacks and your staff needs the ability to recognize these threats.

Cyber Incident Response

for State & Local Government Agencies

Government organizations are among the most vulnerable targets of cyber attacks due to function and the level of data stored. Incident response services provides your government organization with a partner to help your network recover from attacks and remediate the issue quickly and safely.

Recent Cyber Attacks on

State & Local Government Agencies

  • Cyber Attack On Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, PA

    Pennsylvania  |  Government  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

  • Cyber Attack On Clay County Courthouse, IN

    Indiana  |  Government  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

  • Cyber Attack On Monroe County, IN

    Indiana  |  Government  |  Data Breach  |  Unknown