Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment & Prioritization

Enhance your security readiness and minimize the risk of a breach by gaining a clear understanding of the real areas of vulnerability within your network.

Unlike other cybersecurity companies, our assessments and recommendations are based on real data capture from your network in addition to our years of experience.

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Actionable Data & Recommendations

Your organization will receive detailed resources and knowledge to better understand your network’s vulnerabilities.

Based on FCC, APCO, DHS, NIST and NENA Best Practices
This is critical for inventorying all IT assets on a network, including potential hidden or unauthorized ones, and helping each organization understand its potential attack surface. Once all IPs are known, organizations can scan each for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or weaknesses.

A prioritized list of all vulnerabilities discovered based on the risk each faces to your organization.

Actionable vulnerability remediation recommendations for each segment captured.

Customized cybersecurity policies specific to your organization, based on your known devices, specific architecture, observed network activity, and more.

A customized recommended action plan to guide your team when a cyber incident occurs. This is based on our years of industry experience in addition to our specific knowledge about your network and resources.

A complete review of the project’s findings.

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What Can I Expect During an Assessment?

We Get to Know You & Network

Through an initial consultation SecuLore gains baseline information on your network architecture and cybersecurity goals, to better customize the CyberBenchmark to fit your organization’s needs.

We Passively Collect Network Data for 1 Week

SecuLore staff, your Dealer/Reseller, or your own IT staff will install a Paladin, SecuLore’s proprietary patented network device, on your network. It’s an agentless installation that takes just minutes. This device will capture 1 week of raw network data for forensic analysis. This data is central to how we approach your risk assessment and remediation recommendations.

We Perform an In-Depth Data Analysis

SecuLore’s 24-step analytical process follows industry best practices and continually evolves to include the latest threat detection techniques.