Cybersecurity Solutions for Public Safety

Public safety networks are under threat of being the constant target of cyber attacks due to their high value and high vulnerability. Networks with devices that are relied upon to run smoothly 24/7 for mission-critical services make for a perfect target for ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, data breaches, and more.

For years, SecuLore has made it our mission to cyber protect public safety networks, including our nation’s most important number, 911, PSAPs, ECCs, Fire Departments, and EMS providers. Monitoring critical networks for cyber threats for law enforcement agencies, police departments and all first responders continues to be a priority for SecuLore.

Learn how SecuLore partners with your public safety organization to protect your cyber protect your networks, providing you with a partner to face the challenges of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape against ransomware, TDoS, DDoS, phishing attacks, and other vulnerabilities.


of first responders have concerns with IT systems’ vulnerability to ransomware attacks*

Cybersecurity Monitoring for Public Safety

for Public Safety

Public safety organizations need a cybersecurity network monitoring solution that provides reports from a trusted team to stay ahead of cyber threats and gain visibility into critical insights into your entire network.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for Public Safety

Find out where your network is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and breaches before cyber criminals do with vulnerability assessments. Get actionable remediation recommendations to secure your network.

Public Safety Cyber Awareness Training

for Public Safety

Most cyber attacks come from cyber criminals targeting people connected to your networks. Focus on cyber training all members of your public safety organization that are the front line of your network.

Cyber Incident Response

for Public Safety

Responding to cyber incidents to restore your network requires the assistance of a trusted cybersecurity partner. Get help responding to the attack and remediating your network to get back online safely.

Recent Cyber Attacks on

Public Safety

  • Cyber Attack On Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, FL

    Florida  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Hacking

  • Cyber Attack On Branch County, MI

    Michigan  |  Public Safety  |  Malware  |  Phishing

  • Cyber Attack On Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications, PA

    Pennsylvania  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

But I Already Pay for Cybersecurity Services…

Why do I still need SecuLore?

Regardless of how many solutions and strategies you’ve implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture, there are still gaps in your cybersecurity.

Most of our customers are amazed at the vulnerabilities we detect in their network, even though they had endpoint security, firewalls with geo-blocking, and much more.

We find & prioritize your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so you can act now to reduce your risk. Learn More »

SecuLore's network monitoring technology covers security gaps in your network