Cyber Attack Incident Response

Data-Driven Investigation, Containment & Remediation

When crisis strikes, you want to bring in experts who can discover exactly what affected your network and take direct steps to get you operational again. Our cyber analysts provide not just industry experience but also bring in tools to examine your specific network and equipment closely to assess the hazard level and the most effective response.

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Man reads laptop and security plans

In 2023, an agency contacted us after being hit with a ransomware attack. They had already brought in an NYSE-listed cybersecurity company to clean the network. SecuLore deployed our services on the “clean network” and immediately found ongoing threat activity. We guided them through the isolation, removal, and verification.

SecuLore CTO Sean Scott

Sean Scott

SecuLore CTO

Average Cost Savings By Organizations With High Levels Of IR Planning & Testing

Your Ally in Crisis

Immediate Remote Assistance

Any time you need help we’re there. Our staff is on call to aid your organization through a cyber incident.

Rapid On-Site Deployment

Our patented technology can be quickly and seamlessly deployed to provide crucial data on the cyber incident impacting your organization.

Customized Levels of Support

Our incident response team is able to resolve security incidents quickly, effectively, and at scale with comprehensive incident response, including: investigation, containment, remediation, and crisis management.

Led by a Cyberwarfare Expert

Sean Scott – SecuLore’s CTO – is a cyberwarfare veteran. He leads our incident response teams of cybersecurity experts and certified ethical hackers (CEH).

Improved Cyber Resiliency

Our patented forensic data capture capability equips your team with the tools necessary to recognize threats, review suspicious activity, and prevent further compromise of your network systems.

Post-Incident Review

Once you’re back online, we conduct a comprehensive incident review with your team regarding the vulnerabilities that led to the breach.