Cybersecurity in Police Departments

Law enforcement continues to increase as a target of cyber threat actors attacks due to the critical nature of their services and the access to high-value data on their networks. Law enforcement agencies rely on important communication tools and the IT infrastructure to log and store critically sensitive information.. Agencies need a cybersecurity partner that understands the current cyber landscape, the threats that law enforcement faces, situation, and budgetary constraints, as well as the solutions they need to help protect their networks and prepare leadership to respond to cyber threats effectively.

SecuLore’s extensive experience keeping critical public safety networks online and protected and helping leadership detect and respond to threats extend to law enforcement organizations, and handling the cyber threats you face as cyber criminals continue to target police law enforcement communications, networks and infrastructure.


of public safety organizations experienced a cybersecurity issue in the past year*

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for Law Enforcement & Police Departments

Get full visibility into your network’s traffic as well as what is connected to your network from the station and out on mobile units. Network monitoring helps identify suspicious and malicious traffic before it has a chance to create havoc on your network.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for Law Enforcement & Police Departments

Find out where your network is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and breaches before cyber criminals do with vulnerability assessments. Get actionable remediation recommendations to secure your network.

Cyber Awareness Training

for Law Enforcement & Police Departments

Train your staff to recognize potential cyber attacks before they infiltrate your network. Cyber awareness training arms the front line of your network with the knowledge needed to secure your network.

Cyber Incident Response

for Law Enforcement & Police Departments

Responding to cyber incidents to restore your network requires the assistance of a trusted cybersecurity partner. Get help responding to the attack and remediating your network to get back online safely.

Recent Cyber Attacks on

Law Enforcement & Police Departments

  • Cyber Attack On Branch County, MI

    Michigan  |  Public Safety  |  Malware  |  Phishing

  • Cyber Attack On Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications, PA

    Pennsylvania  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

  • Cyber Attack On Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility, RI

    Rhode Island  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Hacking

But I Already Pay for Cybersecurity Services…

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Regardless of how many solutions and strategies you’ve implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture, there are still gaps in your cybersecurity.

Most of our customers are amazed at the vulnerabilities we detect in their network, even though they had endpoint security, firewalls with geo-blocking, and much more.

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SecuLore's network monitoring technology covers security gaps in your network

Cybersecurity in Police Departments

The critical nature of law enforcement agencies and sensitive information on their networks underscore their need for cyber solutions including cybersecurity awareness training. Phishing is one of the most prevalent ways that cyber criminals launch attacks and with all levels of law enforcement members being targeted, all members of law enforcement agencies need to be equipped with cyber awareness training as a preventative way to protect your network.

Law enforcement organizations are not only targeted with phishing scams and emails, but other attacks as well that could take down and compromise entire systems, including TDoS and DDoS attacks, as agencies rely on network communication and can’t afford systems to be down.

Most municipalities and state governments have laws banning the payment of any ransom in a cyber attack, but any network downtime and access to that sensitive data can have far-reaching complications beyond any financial demand for law enforcement agencies. The current cyber threat landscape underscores the need for cybersecurity awareness training for law enforcement

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is necessary for law enforcement to have a trusted partner to identify potential malicious traffic and attacks before they happen, provide cyber awareness training to prevent attacks, and help building an incident response plan when an attack takes networks offline and compromises sensitive data.