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Cybersecurity Services for Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure

of Critical Infrastructure Organizations Had to Deal with a Cyber Incident in the last 12mos
of SecuLore Customers Had to Deal with a Cyber Incident in the last 12mos

SecuLore Protects Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

SecuLore safeguards critical infrastructure against cyber threats. Our team of experts in 911 technology, cyberwarfare, and ethical hacking provide technology, expertise, and training to protect our customers.

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But I Already Pay for Cybersecurity Services…

Why do I still need SecuLore?

Regardless of how many solutions and strategies you’ve implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture, there are still gaps in your cybersecurity.

Most of our customers are amazed at the vulnerabilities we detect in their network, even though they had endpoint security, firewalls with geo-blocking, and much more.

We find & prioritize your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so you can act now to reduce your risk. Learn More »

SecuLore's network monitoring technology covers security gaps in your network

A Trusted Advisor

Since 2016, SecuLore has provided cybersecurity Expertise to:


Department of Homeland Security


Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency


Federal Communications Commission


National Emergency Number Association


Association of Public Safety Communications Officers

Cybersecurity Designed for Critical Networks

SecuLore offers proven cybersecurity solutions that complement your existing IT strategies. These solutions have been applied throughout our growing customer base and are tailored to fit specific cybersecurity needs across all industries.

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