Cyber Protecting Fire Departments

Public safety and first responders, including fire departments, have become more of a target for cyber criminals as they have proven over the last several years that no type of industry or organization is safe or immune to cyber attacks.

Preventative cybersecurity measures are necessary for all departments of first responders to combat the potential for downtime in technology and servers that could jeopardize the ability to save lives or allow sensitive data to be compromised.

SecuLore’s leadership is ready to partner with IT teams and leaders in fire departments and your staff on training to recognize cyber threats and tactics, detect suspicious activity and train leaders to respond to cyber incidents to mitigate system downtime and overall impact.


attacks against public safety recorded in the last 24 months (as of 9/15/2023)

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for Fire Departments

Fire departments need full visibility into their network and the ability to monitor for potentially malicious traffic before It impacts your network.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for Fire Departments

The FCC recommends PSAPs and public safety organizations have get a vulnerability assessment every 90 days. Learn where your networks are most vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.

Cyber Awareness Training

for Fire Departments

Most cyber attacks happen at the front line of your network. Prioritize cyber training for your staff and follow best cyber practices for all members connected to your network.

Cyber Incident Response

for Fire Departments

Fire departments need assistance responding to cyber incidents to remediate networks and get back online safely and quickly to respond to medical incidents.

Recent Cyber Attacks on
Public Safety

  • Cyber Attack On Branch County, MI

    Michigan  |  Public Safety  |  Malware  |  Phishing

  • Cyber Attack On Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications, PA

    Pennsylvania  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

  • Cyber Attack On Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility, RI

    Rhode Island  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Hacking

Basics of Cyber Security for Fire Departments

Almost all modern fire departments rely on operations run on computer programs and software. That leaves technology such as communication systems and even software that stores personnel files, including payroll, social security, and other sensitive data as potential areas for cyber criminals to target for an attack.

Fire departments need a trusted partner with experience managing the cyber threat landscape and challenges that first responders and public safety face.

Firefighters are used to having an incident response plan during an emergency to save lives and leaders of first responders should be prepared to have a response plan when they are faced with a cyber incident that could cripple technology systems and put lives at risk. Investing in incident response, and training opportunities to protect your department from cyber attacks. Data breaches and ransomware incidents often occur due to errors and vulnerabilities. SecuLore’s cybersecurity solutions cover the basics of cybersecurity for all fire departments including monitoring your network for potential threats at all times of day because first responders must have their network safe and running day and night. SecuLore’s experience in the trenches remediating cyber incidents for public safety and first responders and helps them be prepared to recognize cyber threats to mitigate attacks and risks from them no matter the department’s situation and budget.