Cybersecurity Solutions for PSAPs

SecuLore’s expertise is rooted in protecting PSAPs from cyber attacks, and has long been a trusted partner to the public safety sector nationwide, ensuring critical networks stay up and running to serve communities as they face a growing number of threats and cyber attacks every day.

Cyber protecting PSAPs is one of SecuLore’s most critical missions, understanding that public safety is a high-value target for cyber criminals, and that resources and funding for cybersecurity solutions can be a challenge. Our cybersecurity solutions for PSAPs and public safety include options to partner with IT teams to provide greater visibility to networks to identify potential malicious traffic before it takes down networks, as well as cybersecurity training PSAP leaders to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks, as well as assisting to incident response services, and training staff as the first line of defense to protect your networks. Reach out to SecuLore today to find cybersecurity solutions for your PSAP and public safety organization.


attacks against public safety recorded in the last 24 months (as of 9/15/2023)

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for 911 Agencies, PSAPs, & ECCs

Monitor for all traffic on your network to detect suspicious activity and get full visibility into the devices connected to your network for a full scope of your network.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for 911 Agencies, PSAPs, & ECCs

The FCC recommends PSAPs and public safety organizations have get a vulnerability assessment every 90 days. Learn where your networks are most vulnerable to potential cyber attacks.

Cyber Awareness Training

for 911 Agencies, PSAPs, & ECCs

PSAP telecommunicators handle technology faced with cyber threats daily. Cybersecurity training PSAP staff helps protect your network on the front line against possibly cyber threats.

Cyber Incident Response

for 911 Agencies, PSAPs, & ECCs

PSAPs need assistance responding to cyber incidents to remediate networks and get back online safely and quickly to respond to medical incidents.

Recent Cyber Attacks on

911 Agencies, PSAPs, & ECCs

  • Cyber Attack On Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, FL

    Florida  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Hacking

  • Cyber Attack On Branch County, MI

    Michigan  |  Public Safety  |  Malware  |  Phishing

  • Cyber Attack On Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications, PA

    Pennsylvania  |  Public Safety  |  Ransomware  |  Unknown

Cybersecurity for NG 9-1-1

The initiative to update the 9-1-1 service infrastructure to Next Generation 9-1-1 isn’t one that organizations can tackle alone. Implementation of NG911 requires strategic planning and the need for cybersecurity for NG 9-1-1 is critical.

SecuLore’s core is led by seasoned experts at cyber protecting PSAPs and they are leading the charge to help develop, and implement cybersecurity standards for NG911. SecuLore has been heavily involved in the process of developing NG911 and its standards, and is best prepared to help PSAPs and public safety organizations take steps to successfully mitigate 911 cyber attacks against NG911, including cyber awareness training to all PSAP departments and staff members and implementing incident response policies and strategies for leaders.

Public Safety Cybersecurity

Public safety organizations, especially PSAPS, are popular targets for cyber attacks because cyber criminals believe the critical nature of their purpose and data makes them more likely to pay a ransom to restore. That is why PSAPs need a trusted partner that can meet their needs with cybersecurity solutions to cyber protect public safety networks, and help prepare for and respond to cyber threats and attacks together.