Cybersecurity for Healthcare

The medical and healthcare sector is a vulnerable sector to cyber attacks, with an increased focus by cyber criminals over the last several years. Cybersecurity in healthcare is particularly complex due to the number of endpoints, devices, machines, and different workers in the industry that are potential attack vectors for cyber criminals. All healthcare and medical organizations are data-rich, making them a high-value target for threat actors, and with limited time to respond and resources, it is critical organizations follow best practices for healthcare cybersecurity.

SecuLore’s experience is rooted in protecting the most vulnerable sectors and networks. Our healthcare cybersecurity solutions are designed to partner with your organization to provide cybersecurity training for healthcare staff members who work long hours, and the front line of defense for your network, vulnerability assessments to find areas to remediate your network before you suffer a breach, cybersecurity monitoring to get full visibility into your network and traffic and help with incident response when your network faces a breach.

Let SecuLore make the case to prioritize cybersecurity and implement the best healthcare cyber practices to secure your network.


Increase in healthcare data breach costs since 2020

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for Healthcare

Getting visibility into your healthcare facility is critical with several devices connected to networks. Monitor all traffic to identify malicious traffic before it impacts your healthcare network with cyber security monitoring.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for Healthcare

Find out where your network is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and breaches before cyber criminals do with vulnerability assessments. Get actionable remediation recommendations to secure your network.

Cyber Awareness Training

for Healthcare

Following best cyber safer practices is critical for all healthcare staff workers. Prioritize cyber training your staff to cyber protect the front line of your networks.

Cyber Incident Response

for Healthcare

Healthcare workers know that responding to emergencies and incidents requires assistance. Cyber incident response services helps you with immediate emergency response to cyber attacks and quick, safet remediation of your network.

But I Already Pay for Cybersecurity Services…

Why do I still need SecuLore?

Regardless of how many solutions and strategies you’ve implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture, there are still gaps in your cybersecurity.

Most of our customers are amazed at the vulnerabilities we detect in their network, even though they had endpoint security, firewalls with geo-blocking, and much more.

We find & prioritize your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so you can act now to reduce your risk. Learn More »

SecuLore's network monitoring technology covers security gaps in your network

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Best practices for healthcare cybersecurity

Cyber attacks on the healthcare industry can have a wide-ranging impact, the first potential compromise is patient care through downtime on network systems from an attack, but also data breaches of valuable information including PII that not only compromise information but can also lead to HIPPA violations and subsequent lawsuits.

Cyber security for hospitals and healthcare facilities requires extensive solutions from providers with experience protecting critical network operations and data.