Transportation Cybersecurity

Transportation and logistics are part of the critical infrastructure of the world with reliance on shipping and travel. Tools and sectors that are substantially relied upon as the transportation industry, the more of a target it becomes for cyber criminals for the power and potential financial gain that comes from disrupting any area of the sector. Shipping, rail, and all travel have more connected tools and endpoints than ever, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in transportation grows every day, giving cyber criminals more endpoints to attack and exploit.

SecuLore’s experience protecting sensitive networks and data from cyber attacks, providing staff-wide cyber awareness training and responding to cyber incidents is a trusted solution to your transportation cybersecurity needs.


increase in weekly cyber attacks, between June 2020 and June 2021*

Cybersecurity Network Monitoring

for Transportation

Cybersecurity monitoring provides critical visibility into your transportation network and devices connected to it. Get reports from a trusted partner that monitors for potentially malicious traffic and respond before it impacts your network.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

for Transportation

Find out where your network is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and breaches before cyber criminals do with vulnerability assessments. Get actionable remediation recommendations to secure your transportation network.

Cyber Awareness Training

for Transportation

Cyber awareness training provides your transportation staff with the knowledge of the best and safest cyber practices that protects the front line of your networks.

Cyber Incident Response

for Transportation

Cyber incident response services provides you with a trusted partner to help get your network back up and running safely and quickly. Incident response services remediate your network to help make it stronger and resilient against future cyber attacks.

But I Already Pay for Cybersecurity Services…

Why do I still need SecuLore?

Regardless of how many solutions and strategies you’ve implemented to improve your cybersecurity posture, there are still gaps in your cybersecurity.

Most of our customers are amazed at the vulnerabilities we detect in their network, even though they had endpoint security, firewalls with geo-blocking, and much more.

We find & prioritize your cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so you can act now to reduce your risk. Learn More »

SecuLore's network monitoring technology covers security gaps in your network

Recent Cyber Attacks on

Critical Infrastructure

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    Indiana  |  Critical Infrastructure  |  Other  |  Hacking

  • Cyber Attack On Frontier Communications, TX

    Texas  |  Critical Infrastructure  |  Malware  |  Unknown

Cybersecurity in the Transportation Industry

Cybersecurity for the transportation industry is more important than ever and will only become more critical with rising geopolitical tensions and reliance on digital and connected tools through the cloud. Protecting networks, operational technology, and controls isn’t only essential to safeguard data and information, but is also a concern from operational, safety, and security concerns.

SecuLore understands the challenges of transportation cybersecurity and the importance of visibility into your network with monitoring, preparing your staff with training to recognize potential scams that can lead to threats and responding to actual cyber incidents to limit damage.