Addressing Attack Surface Management

In today’s cyber threat landscape, your organization’s network is no longer just what your devices connect to and the resources you need to do your job. It’s a potential target for cyber criminals to attack, with many doors and windows for them to see into and break through.

Those windows and doors are connected devices, IoT (internet of things), operational technology, public cloud infrastructure and third-party apps. All of which could put a network at risk for a cyber attack if the attack surface isn’t properly managed.

Many organizations misunderstand the attack surface of their network. According to research, as many as 62% of surveyed organizations from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group have seen an increase in cyber attacks related to these vulnerabilities.

The key to keeping your network as protected as possible, including all of your data, assets and functionality is the ability to visualize and understand the cyber threats that exist, and the vulnerabilities of your network of which are at risk of being exploited.

That’s where attack surface management comes in.

Whether you work in IT, or on the front lines in public safety, an organization in the critical infrastructure sector, education, medical, or any field that handles sensitive data, networks, or is a high-risk target for cyber attacks, make sure you download our webinar on Addressing Attack Surface Management to hear from our cyber experts.

Our cyber experts will discuss identifying cyber threats, how to spot vulnerabilities, what makes up your attack surface, and how to properly manage it.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • What attack surface management really means

  • How to identify your network and organization’s vulnerabilities

  • Why organizations NEED attack surface management

  • How to start the process of security and attack surface management

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