Why You Need A Cyber Incident Response Plan And What Is Involved In Incident Response Training

When your organization suffers a cyber incident, the ability to effectively respond impacts everything from how much time and money it costs to recover, how quickly networks and systems can get back online and in working order, the ability to serve the public or user base, as well as reputation management.

Putting together a professional cyber incident response plan in place allows for your entire organization to respond quickly, and effectively to mitigate the damage of a cyber incident from every aspect.

Without a fully documented cyber incident response plan in place, navigating the steps of managing these incidents becomes chaotic, ineffective, and causes undue damage that would otherwise be avoidable with this practice put into place.

We know that every organization and every sector is a potential target, and there isn’t a network structure that makes you 100% secure. Having a documented plan in place allows you to manage the incident response cycle through every step of stopping the attack all the way to recovery and learning from the attack as well.

Having a documented plan in place isn’t where the preparation for a successful response isn’t enough. Cyber incident response training is a necessary activity for your staff to test if your plan works and should be included as part of your cyber incident response plan.

An incident response training course allows you to see your response plan play out in real time and give you valuable feedback on where your team needs further training or where your plan needs to be further refined.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Why you need an incident response plan and what needs to be in your incident response playbook

  • How to build a cyber incident response plan template

  • Why you need to make training and running your incident response playbook part of your plan

  • Best practices for conducting incident response training

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