Learn Lessons from Notable Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and How to Handle Them with Methods and Strategies in this webinar: What Can I Do About Zero-Day Exploits?

 Zero-day vulnerabilities are flaws in software that are exploited by cyber criminals to attack systems before the vendor is aware of the flaw or can apply a patch. These happen frequently and seem to be increasing in frequency as cyber criminals are better at looking for and exposing these flaws. They exist in all types of vendor software and applications that are widely used by all organizations.

Notable zero day flaws have included Log4J, the most recent one in the MOVEit FTP, and we hear about them in Apple, Microsoft, and Google products that impact everyone.

There are no fixes for vulnerabilities that go undetected until a cyber criminal group has already exploited them, and it’s too late. So what can be done about zero-day exploits?

Join our cybersecurity experts for this important webinar on how to handle zero-day vulnerabilities and what you can do to be prepared for when one of these eventually impacts your organization.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Staying up to date on zero-day vulnerabilities you should know about

  • Lessons from past vulnerabilities

  • Why and how more zero-days are being discovered and exploited

  • What you can do to keep your network prepared to respond to these vulnerabilities

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