New Ransomware Players and New Ransomware Dangers to Be Aware Of 

Learn about new and emerging ransomware threats and the best defense strategies against ransomware.

There have been peaks and valleys with ransomware over the years and in 2022, trends showed ransomware dropped. In 2023, ransomware is unfortunately on the rise once again, with data showing ransom payments could hit up to $898.6 million, after one estimate had that figure at $500 million in 2022.

As some ransomware groups have been taken down by law enforcement, those members have scattered to form offshoot groups or join others, and new ransomware groups have spawned. As ransomware groups have emerged or evolved, so have their tactics.

We are seeing ransomware tactics being more aggressive evolving into multi-extortion threats with new techniques, campaigns and software. As ransomware groups emerge, evolve and increase their threats, your knowledge and defense against ransomware must improve with it. A cyber actor only has to be successful once, whereas your defense must be successful each and every time.

What is the best defense against ransomware in today’s threat landscape? What is the solution for ransomware attacks? This webinar will explore the evolution of ransomware and what you need to know about new ransomware groups and tactics.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • The latest on the most active ransomware groups

  • What you need to know about emerging ransomware groups and evolving threats

  • What you need to know about emerging ransomware groups and evolving threats

  • Ransomware defense-in-depth strategy

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