According to sources, Welch Foods Inc (a Critical Infrastructure organization in Pennsylvania) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-02-16.

Cyberattack targets Welch’s North East plant, investigation underway

“A spokesperson from Welch’s said on Friday that a recent system disruption was a cyber attack against the company. “

“The attack happened on Feb. 2 and left some workers wondering when operations would resume and when they could return to work. “

“The welch’s spokesperson said a team of more than 100 technology and cyber security experts have been working to restore the company’s systems. “

Welch’s confirms criminal group cyber attacked company in attempt to extort money

“Tuesday night, Welch’s representatives stated the criminal group responsible hopes to extort money from the company in exchange for the stolen information. “

“Welch’s initially said the attack shut down crucial operating systems, and they’ve been slowly bringing everything back up to speed. “

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