As we try to look beyond the current impact that COVID-19 has had on the way we provide emergency services, it is clear that some things are going to change permanently and that there will be “a new normal.” Hackers have greatly increased their attacks on our critical infrastructure, taking advantage of the crisis. Both “brute force hacking” and phishing attacks have seen a significant increase. Teleworking has exposed weaknesses in our networks and new tools have created new challenges. All of this happened as we worked with skeleton crews. Many of you have discovered how hard it is to protect yourselves when your focus has been on protecting others.

One thing has become quite clear: the new normal must include an increased focus on cybersecurity. How has this impacted your plans to move toward NG9-1-1 upgrades? Does the thought of an “all-IP” network worry you even more?

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • How the “new normal” will likely include a greater level of cyber-attacks

  • How teleworking has revealed network architecture flaws that must be addressed

  • What types of cyber-attacks are likely to be the most prevalent

  • Why it is even more important to move to NG9-1-1 in order to better address cybersecurity concerns

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Cyber-Protecting Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

At SecuLore, our mission is to cyber-protect our nation’s critical infrastructure. Led by experts in 9-1-1 technology, cyberwarfare, and ethical hacking, our team provides the technology, expertise, and training needed to defend customers from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.