What Are The Pro’s And Con’s Of Pen Testing?

In the current cyber landscape, cybercriminals are looking for the lowest-hanging fruit to attack data-rich and high-value targets. Those attacks could come from any number of areas, which is why you not only need a comprehensive view of your network but also your network’s vulnerabilities to attacks.

Penetration testing has grown in popularity as a method to test the security of your network against various endpoints, including web applications and mobile applications as well as cloud environments.

While penetration testing has risen in popularity, it’s important to understand the pros and cons related to this type of vulnerability testing. There are several benefits and risks when it comes to deciding to run a pen test on your network or any of its endpoints.

Before you decide if pen testing is right for your network, join SecuLore’s cyber experts for this important webinar to help you learn what pen testing is, penetration testing risks, the impact AI is having on penetration testing, and potential alternatives to pen testing.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • What is penetration testing?

  • Penetration testing vs. vulnerability testing and ethical hacking

  • Penetration testing and the rise of artificial intelligence

  • The pros and cons of penetration testing

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