Insights and key takeaways from the worst cyber attacks of 2023 

2023 was another challenging year for organizations handling and responding to cyber threats and other incidents. Every year, cyber criminals find new techniques and utilize new tools to breach networks and work to evade detection. Threats of ransomware, extortion and the use of AI were all major cyber concerns in 2023. 

72% of organizations globally fell to at least one ransomware attack in 2023, and the average cost of those attacks rose to $4.54M. Ransomware was also cited as the number one concern by 62% of executives and leaders surveyed.  

Other attack trends observed 2023 were the rise in extortion and continued growth and concern in the use AI in cyber attacks. 

What lessons are there to learn from cyber threats, attacks and trends from 2023 that we you should apply to your cyber posture and strategy in 2024? 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Review and insights into the worst cyber attacks of 2023 

  • Lessons learned and takeaways from attacks

  • What cyber experts are predicting for 2024

  • Prevention and mitigation techniques to be prepared against future attacks

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