What is a cyber incident response playbook, and why do you need one?

Your organization just suffered a cyber incident. Now you have to figure out what to do about it. How do you stop it? Who is supposed to assist with stopping it? Whom do you tell? What do you tell them? How do you investigate what happened?

These are all questions you’re going to face when you are hit with a cyber attack. How do you make sure the cyber incident that you will inevitably face doesn’t turn into a bigger issue than it has to?

Having a cyber incident response plan in place.

The only way to respond to a cyber incident effectively and efficiently is to have a plan in place. A cyber incident response playbook provides your team and organization with the necessary steps to respond and resolve cyber incidents step by step.

Why do you need an incident response plan? If you haven’t faced a cyber attack already, with the rate of cyber crimes increasing in frequency and severity, it’s a matter of time before you’re impacted. If you have faced one already, you know that how you respond is crucial.

Even the best networks will never be 100% secure, so without an incident response plan in place, your organization from top to bottom could be thrown into chaos without knowing what to do, step by step.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Why you need an incident response plan

  • What is in an incident response playbook

  • How to create a cyber incident response playbook

  • Policies to optimize your network cyber defense systems

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