Cloud environments require a proactive strategy when it comes to cybersecurity

According to 2023 research, 72% of organizations are defaulting to cloud-based services with new technologies.

45% of cybersecurity breaches are cloud-based and at least 80% of companies have experienced one cloud security incident in the last year, according to a recent survey.

With the increase in reliance of cloud-based services and when adopting any part of your system to the cloud, whether through a hybrid or fully remote model, ensuring that you have proper cloud security should be the top priority.

Whether your entire network is cloud-based, hybrid, and if you’re relying on any third party vendors that utilize the cloud, understanding the risks and shared responsibility will help with lead to a more proactive approach to your cloud security strategy.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Cloud security strategies

  • The difference between cloud based security vs on-premise

  • Cloud security risks and challenges

  • Why cloud security is important

  • Why it is important to be proactive with cloud security

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