AI And Cybersecurity: A Growing Tool Or Threat?

Cybersecurity is often an arms race between the defenders and the cyber attackers.

The continuous growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to a leap in automation for several tasks across several industries.

That growth has also led to AI being a potential cyber threat. Multiple surveys have been conducted over the last few years, with cybersecurity and IT pros providing feedback suggesting increased threats stemming from the use of AI. Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity must work to catch up.

In 2021, a Deloitte AI study was given to 1,900 participants. 49% listed AI cybersecurity breaches and vulnerabilities among their top concerns.

AI can be used in cybersecurity to help learn to analyze cyber threats with detection and prevention, as well as automating other tasks.

Just as much as the software and tools exist to automate tasks or can assist with cybersecurity, the same tools can be weaponized in cyber attacks in the hands of cyber threat actors, APT groups or nation-state funded attackers. There is already a growing belief that nation-state cyber groups are using AI tools in cyber attacks.

Artificial Intelligence in the wrong hands can be used to identify and attack network vulnerabilities, write phishing emails that are more difficult to discern as malicious, as well as write and distribute them at scale.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • The benefits and concerns of AI in cybersecurity

  • How AI tools can be used as a cyber threat

  • What artificial intelligence tools are being used for and against cybersecurity

  • How AI is changing the future of cybersecurity positively, and negatively

  • How to help defend your network against cybercriminals evolving use of AI

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