According to sources, Johnson Controls International PLC (a Critical Infrastructure organization in Wisconsin) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-09-28.

Johnson Controls Discloses Cybersecurity Incident, Impact on Earnings Remains Unclear

“Building infrastructure supplier Johnson Controls International PLC has revealed a recent cybersecurity incident that disrupted their operations. The exact extent of the disruption and its potential impact on future earnings remains unclear. “

“The cyber attack affected a portion of Johnson Controls’ IT infrastructure and applications, but many applications remained operational. The company is currently investigating the breach in collaboration with external experts. The ongoing implications of the breach pose a potential risk to the company’s upcoming earnings. “

“However, Johnson Controls has not fully recovered from the cybersecurity incident, leaving some aspects of its IT infrastructure still vulnerable. This raises concerns about the potential impact on the company’s financial performance, particularly regarding its forthcoming earnings report. “


“Johnson Controls International announced it has suffered a ransomware attack that impacted many systems of the company, Bleeping Computer reported. “

“The attack took place over the weekend and threat actors initially breached the systems at Asia offices, the ransomware also targeted the VMware ESXi servers. “

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