According to sources, Langlade County (a Government organization in Wisconsin) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-07-17.

Wisconsin county dealing with ‘catastrophic software failure’; California city declares ransomware emergency

“Ransomware continues to plague regional governments in the U.S., with a Wisconsin county announcing a “catastrophic software failure” following an alleged LockBit ransomware attack, and a California city declaring a state of emergency over a cyber incident that began last week. “

“Government agencies in northern Wisconsin’s Langlade County shared urgent messages on social media on July 11 warning that they were dealing with severe technology failures. The issues were not attributed to a cyberattack but the LockBit ransomware group added the county to its list of victims this weekend, threatening to leak all data stolen from the government by August 1. “

““Langlade County Sheriff’s Office is experiencing a catastrophic software failure. All phone lines are non-functioning. 911 calls for assistance will be rerouted and handled,” the local sheriff’s office said last week, providing a temporary phone number for those in need of assistance. “

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