According to sources, Chippewa County Human Resources Department (a Government organization in Wisconsin) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-04-05.

Chippewa County acknowledges security breach

“The Chippewa County Human Resources Department announced that a security breach occurred on a county computer, and private data was likely stolen. “

“The county’s human services director, said a remote-controlled application was accidentally downloaded by a Chippewa County employee on Feb. 28. “

““The County cannot confirm how this occurred, but we believe it was by accidentally clicking on an internet pop-up or malicious link in error that downloaded the application,” she wrote in a press release. “Then, on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the employee was working on their computer in their office and someone else started to use the remote-control application and started to type. That person gained access to the computer for approximately five minutes until the Information Technology (IT) Department was able to stop the access.” “

““The County believes the data that was obtained was most likely documents that had been saved on the employee’s desktop. There were seven (7) total documents saved on the employee’s desk top that contained HIPAA (private medical) information. A letter notifying many of the individuals was mailed to those individuals (Wednesday.) There are several names on one of those documents (a spreadsheet) that the County no longer has addresses for because those individuals have not been clients of the County in over 10 years and are no longer residing at the addresses the County has on file. This spreadsheet contained a medical history number, client name, drug prescribed, date signed and the doctor’s initials.” No social security numbers were included on any of the documents potentially breached, they added. “

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