According to sources, Adna School District (a Education organization in Washington) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-05-04.

Adna School District Defrauded $346,000 in Phishing Scam

“The Adna School District was defrauded of $346,000 through what school officials have called a “sophisticated phishing scam,” according to Adna Superintendent Thad Nelson. “

“The district announced the fraud in a detailed email to The Chronicle on Thursday, noting that after the activity was confirmed, the district notified the FBI, the Washington state Auditor’s Office and the Lewis County Treasurer’s Office as well as the district’s insurance carrier and financial institution. “

“According to the district, the process had been used through the prior five months as the district paid just over $780,000 in legitimate payments toward the total project. Those payments were made by the District through physical checks. “

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