According to sources, Moses Lake Community Health Center (a Medical organization in Washington) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-01-31.

Moses Lake Community Health Center Reports Major Data Breach

“Moses Lake Community Health Center (MLCHC), a primary healthcare provider for underserved and migrant farmworkers in Grant County, has issued a detailed letter to the Attorney General of Washington State, revealing a significant data breach.“

“The breach was first detected on September 14th, 2023, when it was discovered that an administrative employee’s email account had been compromised. This led to the creation of fraudulent invoices by third-party threat actors, impersonating existing vendors to siphon payments. The MLCHC’s finance department received these fake invoices, leading to the unmasking of the breach.“

“MLCHC’s IT Department, with the aid of a third-party forensic firm, immediately initiated an investigation and found that a second employee's email had also been compromised in the same cyber-attack. The investigation period spanned from July 26, 2023, to September 19, 2023. During this time, unauthorized access to these two email accounts was determined.“

“Starting January 8th, 2024, MLCHC will begin notifying the 1,189 individuals impacted, a significant portion of whom were non-patients with non-clinical information involved.“

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