According to sources, Fairfax (a Medical organization in Virginia) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-10-13.

Fairfax data breach exposes medical records

“The Virginia-based facial and dental specialist said it had concluded an investigation last month which established that a threat actor infiltrated its systems in May. “

“It shared its findings with the attorney general in Maine, which imposes strict reporting requirements on firms suffering cyberattacks that affect its residents. “

“In this case, less than 50 Maine residents were affected, but the total number of victims nationwide is 235,931 – with exposed data including names, driver’s license and Social Security numbers, and health insurance and medical history details. “

“Fairfax, which operates half a dozen surgeries across northern Virginia, is claiming that there is no evidence that any of the exposed data has been used for such purposes, although it tacitly admits that clients may have been put at risk. This is presumably because infiltrators could have copied exposed files without otherwise tampering with them. “

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