According to sources, Lake Dallas Independent School District (a Education organization in Texas) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-05-04.

Lake Dallas Independent School District notifies 21,982 Texans of breach

“In April, the Royal ransomware gang added Lake Dallas Independent School District in Texas to its leak site. Quoting the district’s description of itself, the attackers commented: Lake Dallas Independent School District has a vibrant, growing student population, an excellent array of programs, a strong curriculum, and a progressive, innovative atmosphere. Seems like everything is on the best level but its not. Gygabytes of students’ and their staff personal information is not a thing to worry about. A few hundreds of SSNs and array of passport information will be available here on Monday. This is the result of being non-progressive in cybersecurity. “

“But no data was provided as any proof of claims, and by May 4, no data had been leaked. “

“The district provided notification to the Texas Attorney General’s Office that 21,982 Texas residents had been affected by a breach and that individuals were being notified by U.S. mail. The types of information involved included: Name of individual; Address;Social Security Number Information; Driver’s License number; Government-issued ID number (e.g. passport, state ID card); Financial Information (e.g. account number, credit or debit card number); Medical Information; Health Insurance Information“

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