According to sources, Muleshoe (a Critical Infrastructure organization in Texas) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-04-17.

Russian-backed hacking group linked to cyberattack on Texas water tank, new report says

“A water tank in Texas overflowed after a cyberattack in January, and a new report is linking the incident to hackers backed by the Russian government. “

“On Jan. 18, city officials in Muleshoe were alerted to an overflowing water tank. When they checked it out, they learned that a software hack had caused a system malfunction, according to City Manager Ramon Sanchez. Hackers also targeted nearby water systems in Abernathy and Hale Center but were unsuccessful — Hale Center had taken its systems offline when officials there found out about the Muleshoe hack, MyPlainview reported. Lockney also experienced water issues that day and took precautions in case it was related. “

“A report released Wednesday connected the cyberattack to hacking groups with ties to the Russian government, CNN reported. “

Russia-backed hacking group suspected of attack on US water system

“Russia is believed to have carried out its first attack on a US water system following an incident in a small Texas town. Sandworm, which has ties with Vladimir Putin's government, is suspected of a hack that caused a water tower to overflow. “

“The Washington Post reports that the hackers posted a video on Telegram of the town's water-control systems and a nearby town being manipulated, showing how they hacked it and reset the controls. The attackers called themselves the Cyber Army of Russia Reborn (CARR). “

“Muleshoe's city manager, Ramon Sanchez, said the hackers brute-forced the password for the system's control system interface, which was run by a vendor. The password hadn't been changed in more than a decade. At least two other towns in the area that were subjected to attempted hacks used the same vendor. “

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