According to sources, City of Franklin, City of Franklin Police & Fire employees (a Public Safety organization in Tennessee) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-06-12.

Franklin, Tennessee suffered a cyberattack in March. Do employees know their information was involved?

“The message told him that attackers were in the city’s network and they were preparing to launch ransomware.“

“...the group’s claim that they had exfiltrated more than 425 GB of files and had information on the police and fire department personnel as part of what they acquired“

“ Not only did the breach appear to reveal personal information that puts the employee at greater risk of identity theft, but inspection of the Excel file revealed a lot of password reuse across various city accounts.“

“According to the spokesperson, Trigona was able to access FranklinTN on or about March 10. They claim that the IT department detected them and terminated the RDP login after about a week, but never detected all the beacons so they still had multiple means of access including Anydesk, VNC, proxy, and TeamViewer. The spokesperson also claimed the group was demanding 10 BTC to delete all the data. There was no mention of any decryptor because Trigano had not locked any data.“

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