According to sources, City of Oak Ridge (a Government organization in Tennessee) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-03-21.

What to know after City of Oak Ridge offices close from malware attack

“City of Oak Ridge governmental offices remained closed to the public for a third day Wednesday following what is believed to be a malware attack on the computer system. “

“Assistant City Manager Jack Suggs said it's important to note that the attack hasn't affected the city's ability to provide services including water, sewer, police and fire protection to citizens. People can still call 911 to get help from police officers and firefighters. “

“He and City Manager Mark Watson described it as a "business process attack." Offices are having problems such as not being able to access or send out email and do other work that requires using a computer network. As a result of the computer network being down, offices in the Municipal Building, the Utility Business Office and the Planning and Development permit desk are closed to the public until further notice. Because of the problems, the city's website at is down.“

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