According to sources, Change Healthcare (a Medical organization in Tennessee) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-02-22.

Change Healthcare hit by cyberattack

“Change Healthcare was hit by a cyberattack that could cause network disruptions at the healthcare technology firm through at least the end of the day Thursday.“

“The company, which is owned by insurer UnitedHealth Group, took its systems offline on Wednesday after it became aware of an “outside threat,” according to a status update page. Change first reported that some applications were offline yesterday afternoon, and later linked the outage to a cybersecurity issue. “

“The company currently believes the issue is isolated to Change. Other UnitedHealth systems are operational, according to a Thursday morning update. “

‘Blackcat’ ransomware hit on Change Healthcare impacts hospital and pharmacy systems

“It is believed the ongoing cyber attack on US health tech giant Change Healthcare is the work of the ‘Blackcat’ ransomware gang. “

“The targeted hit has caused significant disruption to the health system in recent days with hospitals and pharmacies impacted, as reported by Reuters. “

“Last week, hackers obtained access to Change Healthcare’s IT infrastructure with immediate knock-on effects at pharmacies to the detriment of of patients. “

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