According to sources, CharterCARE (a Medical organization in Rhode Island) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-08-24.

CharterCARE Computers Back Online After Ransomware Attack

“CharterCARE, Rhode Island’s third largest hospital group and part of the national Prospect Medical Holdings network of hospitals, has its computer system back up and running after three weeks. “

“Otis Brown, CharterCARE’s spokesperson in Rhode Island, said, “CharterCARE’s computer systems are now back up and running as normal and the health system is continuing to provide safe, quality care to patients following a data security incident that disrupted our operations. Work to input paper patient records used by our caregivers while our systems were down into our electronic medical record (EMR) system is ongoing." “

““We appreciate the resilience shown by our physicians and employees during this disruption and we thank our patients for their patience and continued loyalty to our facilities. Delivering safe, quality care is our most important priority,” he added. “

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