According to sources, Town of North Kingstown Municipal Offices; Fire & Police Dispatch (a Public Safety organization in Rhode Island) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-04-25.

Cyberattack targets North Kingstown government computers

“An apparent cyberattack targeted the computer system of one Rhode Island town.“

“...over the weekend there was a cyberattack. Backup systems worked, so data was saved.“

“No financial or personal data was compromised.“

Investigation into North Kingstown ransomware attack in full swing

“Town Manager Ralph Mollis confirmed they learned the cyberattack involved ransomware early Saturday morning through a cryptic note.“

“The attack first became evident at about 4 a.m. Saturday, when fire and police dispatch suddenly stopped working.“

“Backup systems prevented data from being lost, but the town is still operating at about 80%.“

“At this point, no money has been paid to the attackers.“

Cyberattack may cost town more than $245K

“North Kingstown town officials expect that costs related to an April cyberattack on computerized town financial systems will soar past $245,000 accrued now, but also anticipate the town to be compensated for the outlay.“

“The town “has learned the security measures we had in place worked as intended. The town last invested in an external cybersecurity audit with Stealth-ISS in 2021, which resulted in the recommended security measures being implemented,” he said in April.“

“Backup systems prevented data from being lost or held for “ransom” by the intruders, he said in April.“

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