According to sources, Allegheny County (a Government organization in Pennsylvania) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-07-28.

Allegheny County Impacted by MOVEit Security Incident

“Allegheny County, Pennsylvania ("Allegheny County") today announced that data from the county was involved in the global cybersecurity incident last month involving file transfer tool, MOVEit“

“The county is the latest in a list of several hundred organizations that were impacted when a software vulnerability in MOVEit allowed cybercriminals known as "CI0p" to access and download data, including data belonging to the county“

“While the impacted information varies based on the individual and their relationship with Allegheny County, the information at issue may include name; social security number (SSN); date of birth; driver's license/state identification number; taxpayer identification number; and student identification numbers. For some individuals, certain types of medical information (e.g., diagnosis, treatment type, admission date), health insurance information, and billing/claim information may be involved.“

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