According to sources, Northeast Behavioral Health Care Consortium hit by cyber attack (a Medical organization in Pennsylvania) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-04-20.

Northeast Behavioral Health Care Consortium hit by cyber attack

“A cyberattack potentially exposed private health information of clients served by the Northeast Behavioral Health Care Consortium, the organization revealed Thursday.“

“In an ad placed in The Times-Tribune, the agency said it learned on Feb. 20 that an employee's email had been compromised through a phishing attack, which may have allowed hackers to gain access to clients' information, including names, member numbers, Medicaid numbers, diagnoses, detailed incident descriptions and levels of care. “

“The Moosic-based nonprofit consortium was created in 2006 by Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties to manage HealthChoices, a statewide managed care program serving medical assistance recipients. The agency currently serves over 180,000 members in the four counties, according to information posted on its website. “

“The notice says the agency is not aware of fraud or misuse of personal information. Officials believe the hackers' primary objective was to continue the phishing email attack to potentially access other companies' informatio“

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