According to sources, Geauga County Department of Water Resources (a Critical Infrastructure organization in Ohio) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-04-26.

Water Resources’ Email Server Breached

“A cyber-attack originating in Russia took out a GCDWR email server early in the morning of April 12. Emergency ADP board meetings were held on both April 13 and 17 to address the issue. “

“An endpoint cybersecurity product ADP installed on all servers and workstations on the county’s network — alerted ADP to possible nefarious activity attempting to access and control the server, Walder said. Given the persistent nature of the critical attack, CrowdStrike automatically blocked access to the server and put in motion a series of procedures and instructions for ADP to further isolate and protect the county’s network infrastructure.“

“Walder said the server in question is an “end-of-life, end-of-support server,” meaning it is running an operating system from 2012 and software from 2016 that has not been properly service-patched. “

““The server was ultimately powered off by water resources staff, preventing further analysis by ADP or CrowdStrike,” Walder said. However, the infected email server is one of five servers the water resources department operates without ADP’s oversight. Walder said the department has also neglected to keep its other vulnerable servers patched and up to date. “

Cyber-Protecting Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

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