According to sources, Rome Health (a Medical organization in New York) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-03-04.

Rome Health affected by Change Healthcare cyberattack; Sen. Schumer asks for federal help

“A cyberattack at Change Healthcare last week left hospitals, including Rome Health, unable to process insurance payments, WKTV reports“

“Rome Health has been unable to process 3,200 claims totaling $13.4 million, and that number continues to grow. That's why Schumer is calling on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to give advance payments to affected hospitals. “

“"CMS has the ability to tell Rome Health, OK, you're out $5 million. We're going to advance it to you. It's not a loan. It's an advance payment. And when we straighten out this system and Change is able to reimburse Rome Health, they'll get paid back. But there's a gap right now and CMS needs to do it." “

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