According to sources, ORBCOMM (a Critical Infrastructure organization in New Jersey) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-09-15.

ORBCOMM ransomware attack causes trucking fleet management outage

“Trucking and fleet management solutions provider ORBCOMM has confirmed that a ransomware attack is behind recent service outages preventing trucking companies from managing their fleets. “

“ORBCOMM is a solutions provider for freight companies to manage fleets and track transported assets. The company also provides Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) that truckers use to log their hours to adhere to federal safety regulations. “

“Since September 6th, ORBCOMM customers have reported that they cannot track their transported inventory or use Blue Tree ELD devices, forcing truckers to switch to paper logs. As truckers can only use paper logs for eight days out of every 30, truckers were concerned that they would be unable to drive their trucks unless they received a waiver. “

“BleepingComputer has learned that this outage has impacted some of the country's largest freight transportation companies as they cannot track their fleets and inventory.“

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