According to sources, Clark County School District (a Education organization in Nevada) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-10-16.

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Source 1  |  2023-10-16

Personal information accessed in CCSD cybersecurity incident

“The Clark County School District announced that a recent cybersecurity incident allowed an “unauthorized party” to access personal information of some students, parents and employees“

“The district said it became aware of the hack on Oct. 5, adding that it involved the email environment. “

““Upon discovering the incident, CCSD immediately engaged a team of forensic experts to investigate the incident and ensure that CCSD operates within a safe and remediated email environment,” a district spokesperson wrote. “CCSD is also cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation.” “

Source 2  |  2023-10-27

Hackers escalate: leak 200k CCSD students’ data; claim to still have access to CCSD email system

“Clark County School District (CCSD) in Nevada informed parents and employees that they became aware of a “cybersecurity incident” on October 5. Three weeks later, the district had not fully recovered from the attack and parents were complaining about the district’s lack of transparency about what was stolen in the breach.“

“Disturbingly, while the district has not disclosed the scope of the breach of student information, the hackers started disclosing it this week – and in the worst way possible — by leaking 200,000 students’ information and numerous other files with personal information. There may be more to come.“

“One parent described the email they received as, “Warning me that my children’s information was released or hacked into and it had three PDF files. Each one had my children’s picture, all of their contact information, email addresses, student ID numbers, my information, our address.”“

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