According to sources, Southern Nevada Health District (a Medical organization in Nevada) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-03-28.

Up to 300 clients could be affected after Southern Nevada Health District cybersecurity incident

“Up to 300 clients may have been affected by a cybersecurity incident, according to the Southern Nevada Health District.“

“District officials said this affects people who completed transactions on the Environmental Health Invoice Payment form on its website between March 4 and March 14, 2024. “

“They add information might have been compromised. However, they don't believe payments were affected and other areas of the website were not impacted. “

“The Health District said they discovered the code on March 14 and immediately removed the form. Law enforcement and cybersecurity experts were notified to assist with securing the site and investigating the incident. District officials said they also rebuilt their web server to eliminate access points. “

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