According to sources, Singing River Health System (a Medical organization in Mississippi) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-08-21.

Singing River Health System cyberattack currently under investigation

“Singing River Health System computers remain shut down Monday after suspicious activity was detected on the computer network over the weekend.“

“According to Interim CEO Laurin St. Pe, the cyber investigation confirmed that the activity was a cyber attack. While the computers at every hospital and clinic are offline, staff members are in downtime procedures. “

““Literally, we are documenting on paper,” said St. Pe. “There will be some delay, and ultimately, it will be the physician’s decision if they want to delay if it’s an elective procedure. The clinical team we have in place the support team, the physicians, all the other providers we have at Singing River literally pulling together and working as a team to make sure we continue to take care of our patients. That is our number one priority of Singing River.” “

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