According to sources, Pine City Hall (a Government organization in Minnesota) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-07-05.

Phishing scheme takes down city’s phone system

“A malicious virus recently caused the phone systems to go down at Pine City Hall.“

“We had some issues with a virus and email going around Pine City and Pine City Township. It’s a phishing incident that took three to four days to clean up. Phones went down and Ring Central stopped working“

“The phishing scheme showed up saying that the city’s website was unsecured to their cloud website for payments. “The hack started with the spoofing or redirecting of BS&A’s cloud website. Some people in the city hall downloaded stuff from the spoofed website by accident. After downloading a virus, the virus would always point towards the spoofed website server, so the person could download more viruses on the computer.” “

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