According to sources, Lansing Community College (a Education organization in Michigan) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-03-15.

Lansing Community College suspends most classes for 'ongoing cybersecurity incident'

“Lansing Community College is suspending nearly all classes and all activities and asking students and most employees not to work or log into the college's systems or come to campus the rest of the week of March 12-17. Most classes are canceled for Thursday and Friday due to an ongoing cybersecurity incident. “

“The school said the FBI and the Michigan Cyber Command Center are involved. “

“"We have disconnected from the network and internet while we determine the nature and scope of the incident and determine our next steps," a spokeswoman for the college said. "To be transparent: We do not know everything yet, and communication is going to be very challenging once we disconnect from the network. We will continue to put out messages as best we can on this Twitter account, and communicate with our local media outlets." “

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