According to sources, City of Lowell city government (a Government organization in Massachusetts) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-04-25.

Cyberattack disrupts Lowell city government, shuts down computers

“The city of Lowell alerted residents to a cyberattack that impacted the municipality's computer systems starting early on April 24.“

“Phones, emails and other city systems are down as a result.“

“"The City of Lowell's Management Information Systems Department (MIS) became aware of a network disruption impacting a variety of systems. MIS determined the best course of action was to segment and isolate systems in order to troubleshoot them further. Servers, networks, phones, and other systems throughout the City became inaccessible as MIS focused on protecting the City's tech and data assets," said a statement on the city's Twitter page. “

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