According to sources, AllCare Plus Pharmacy (a Medical organization in Massachusetts) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-03-21.

MA Pharmacy Falls Victim to Email Phishing Attack, Results in PHI Exposure

“Nearly 6,000 individuals potentially had their PHI exposed due to an email phishing attack that led to unauthorized access to specific email accounts of several AllCare Plus Pharmacy employees. “

“AllCare became aware of several phishing emails circulating to certain employees on June 21, 2022. Upon discovery, the organization removed the phishing emails from the system and hired experts to investigate suspicious activity. “

“Later, AllCare confirmed that the data breach occurring on April 14, 2022, involved an unauthorized party accessing certain parts of several employee emails. Although the organization said it has no evidence of patient data misuse, impacted information may have included names, addresses, date of birth, Social Security numbers, and certain health information. “

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