According to sources, PharMerica (a Medical organization in Kentucky) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-05-13.

Ransomware attack on PharMerica affected 5.8 million patients

“While the Fortra/GoAnywhere data breach by Clop is shaping up to be the biggest, or one of the biggest, breaches affecting HIPAA-covered entities and business associates in 2023, an attack by Money Message on PharMerica is currently the largest single breach reported so far this year, with almost 6 million affected. “

“On April 8, DataBreaches reported that PharMerica, a national pharmacy network, and its parent BrightSpring Health, a home and community-based health services provider, had been hit by the Money Message ransomware group. DataBreaches described the data the threat actors leaked as proof, obtained a statement from BrightSpring, and also obtained additional data and claims from Money Message. “

“On April 14, Money Message informed DataBreaches that they had locked almost the entire infrastructure of both companies (a claim in conflict with BrightSpring’s claim that operations were not impacted), and that although there had been some negotiations, they had reached an impasse and would continue leaking data.“

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